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The Mets Off Season

Posted on: January 20, 2010 9:25 pm
Edited on: January 23, 2010 5:09 pm
The 2009 season couldn't have been much worse for Mets fans.  Lets see to start it off si picked the mets to win it all after they fixed the biggest problem of the '08 season the bullpen.  Well the curse happened again as player after player went down with injury.  namely delgado reyes beltran santana putz church wright. all of these guys were supposted to lead us to the promise land.  well it didn't happen and after a 91 loss season many changes were expected to come during the offseason.  one of the biggest one people wanted was omar to be gone. well remember after the 2nd collapse fred and jeff gave him a 3 year exension.  so it was out of the question for him to be gone.  so the next thing we thought was free agency. the class not too great but enough to help put the team back into contention.  going into the winter meetings omar said he had a "plan".  this of course like everything omar says was a lie and he came out of the meetings with offers to Jason Bay and Bengie Molina.  of these two players both could help out the team offensively.  but neither one of them were too fond of the deal offered to them so they decided to wait for any better offers.  jason bay didn't like anything else he saw and signed with the mets.  molina as we found out today didn't like the mets offer so much that he took a one year deal with the Giants.  and now it gets even better with the trading of one of our best guys out of the bullpen Brian Stokes for Gary Matthews jr.  who knows what goes through his mind when he is making these trades. 
NOTHING he has only improved the team slightly with bay but lose him with beltran getting knee surgury.  so mr. wilpons fire this dumb ### so we can move on from the collapses.
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